Background Music Audio Tour

In this original audio guide created for the Portland Art Museum, Artist Jen Delos Reyes and Musician Daniel Osborne pair musical selections with a sampling of work from the museums permanent collection. These songs not only operate as background music for the pieces, but were chosen because of the additional information the songs provide the artwork. Pick up one of the museums iPod Touches to take this tour and receive the accompanying zine describing the musical pairings.

Download tour zine pdf

People Never Notice Anything

In  J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, the character Holden Caulfield observed “(p)eople never notice anything.”

People Never Notice Anything is a participatory writing project and presentation series based on the observations of audience members. You are invited to take a free note book and pencil in which you can write down your observations, thoughts and points of interest. You are then encouraged to come back to apexart in February of 2010 to give a five to ten minute casual public presentation about the contents recorded in your notebook.

The observations of artists and writers are for the large part deemed of great value, and ultimately made public through their work. The J.D Salinger quote is used here as a point of departure and a provocation. People are prompted to challenge this statement crafted by a writer and see their considerations of the world they partake in as equally significant, and share their findings in a venue usually reserved for artists. People do notice things.

If you would like to participate please contact: