Lost Dogs

This project was inspired by a quote in an email by Zena supplied by Emily Jacir which read:

“What about my other best friend? My dog, Tampopo? My beautiful Jack Russell Terrier who has never let me down. Who has always been a source of purity and compassion… Who has the eyes of an angel…Dogs are not allowed to evacuate. My American friend Christine is going to have to leave her dog with me; a black pug named Baousi (means kiss in Arabic). She is heartbroken! She almost didn’t want to evacuate. She went to so many embassies to try to register with them to see if they would take her dog. Don’t worry Christine, I will take good care of Baousi”.

The “Lost Dog” posters were then created from this text and then were posted around the Chelsea neighborhood. Using the Lost Dog poster strategy was a direct attempt to engage with the inhabitants of the Chelsea neighborhood who are dog lovers and would no doubt read the posters and then become inadvertently informed about an aspect of the current situation in Lebanon.

Street Cloud

This momentary performance was done as part of a collaboration with Lee Walton, who invited a group of 16 artists to create a momentary performance to be done in the Chelsea neighborhood simultaneously.