The Lovers, the Dreamers, And Me

A gallery space contains only seven chairs. It seems as though there is nothing to see, but once all seven chairs are filled a video projection is triggered and The Lovers, the Dreamers, And Me plays. The video projects over the backs of viewers on to the wall in front of them, once this video is triggered it will play out in its entirety even if one member of the group decides to leave. Large projected swatches of color slowly dissolve in and out of one another set to Rainbow Connection performed by Willie Nelson. The projected colored light incorporates the viewer's as their silhouettes become part of the projected image, and the seven individuals who triggered the piece become a unified group, they see themselves as a part of an image.

I Am A Rock

In this interactive sound installation using the Simon and Garfunkel hit I Am A Rock group dynamic and the role of the individual is explored. Each of tracks in I am a Rock are isolated, separated, and played through head phones. Each headset houses a sensor. When all sensors are triggered by the viewers I am a Rock is heard playing in the gallery space. It will take four people to fully play the song.

Two of Us

Ideas of syncopation and discord in relationship interactions are played out using The Beatles song Two of Us. The lyrics to this song speak of a relationship between two individuals, communication, a path taken together, a shared home, and yet part of the lyrics hint at futility, and possible escape. This interpretation of the lyrics can also be read into the tumultuous creative relationship within The Beatles between John Lennon and Paul McCartney, partners together, on one path, yet each with a feeling that they were creatively not going to get to the same desired location.