The Dangerous Professors, Triumph Gallery. Chicago, IL

The Dangerous Professors, a curatorial project exhibiting over one hundred and fifty artists–educators, acts as a counter-action to the pervasive rightwing impulse whose spirit jeopardizes civil, artistic and academic freedom by calling out, shaming, and harming those it opposes. The exhibition responds by first inviting artists who define themselves as educators to participate, the result of which creates a list of art-educators that can be deemed, in the current political climate, as dangerous. Second, the exhibition portrays the spectrum of art done by the presumably “dangerous” educators, and has the potential to become “dangerous art.” Third, the exhibition will provide a publication that voices the individual concerns of the artists-educators participating in the show. The text will structure a platform for public dialogue that furthers the development of strategies toward radical education.

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Self-published, 2017

Edited by Jen Delos Reyes, Katie Hargrave, Heath Schultz

Featuring contributions by: Dan S. Wang, Rene de Guzman, Erica Mena, Rose Salseda, Anthony D. Stepter, & Paul Ramirez Jonas.


The Lovers, The Dreamers, and Me.

FHI Social Practice Lab and Duke Vice Provost for the Arts Collateral Fund present A Public Lecture with Jen Delos Reyes (performed with drums, bass, and electric guitars)

Drums, voice, and visuals: Jen Delos Reyes (artist and guest speaker) Guitars & vocals: Trey Richardson and Scott McSwain, bass: Tim Bryant

A performance and artist talk in collaboration with local musicians, students, faculty, and staff. Her lecture will be delivered throughout a set list of songs they will perform together that reference utopian leanings, relationship breakdowns, and leading a meaningful life. The songs will serve as anchor points to discuss her own socially engaged art practice, as well as content to contemplate collaborative impulses, and the potential artists have of imagining new ways of being in the world together.