December 2, 2015 University Illinois at Chicago

Lecture : #DrakeStudies: Life, Love, and Aubrey in the Academy

Drakestudies explores the cultural significance and phenomenon that is Aubrey “Drake” Graham. The hashtag #Drakestudies has been applied to posts in which within the academy there is an instance, experience or example that emerges in which a Drake reference, lyric, or move can be applied, or used to understand, further, or enhance. In the same way that the loose framing of "Lebowski studies" emerged to define how hundreds of scholars and cultural critics were using the Cohen brothers’ film The Big Lebowski as a tool for analysis on a number of issues, #Drakestudies is an area that can encompass a range of subjects and concerns from gender studies, philosophy, pop-culture, to economics

June 19, 2015, San Francisco, CA

Lecture, “What Can an Exhibition Do (beyond the institutional context)?”, SFAI.


March 13, 2015, Berkeley, CA

Lecture, "Questioning Aesthetics- Participatory Art", UC Berkeley


February 4, 2015, Alfred, NY
Lecture, Alfred University